Yellow Stone National Park

Thought I would share some of my family vacation pictures from summer 2010 when we went on our big trip to Disney Land.  We stopped in at Yellow Stone national park and saw some amazing things.  1. The amount of people that go there each year.  No kidding there was thousands of tourist. 2. How beautiful the landscape is 3. Old Faith Blow.  The kids had a blast.  Thanks for taking the time to look.



Tons of people waiting for Old Faithful to blow. We baked in the sun for over an hour.
Just to see this for about 5 minutes. lol  

The Colors are amazing

I wanted to jump in to this pool but its bubbling figure it would be a bad idea Beautiful colors of Yellow

Another look at old faithful 

This is what a family of 6 looks like when you have little ones in tow.  The boys wanted to see if the water was hot coming from old faithful

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