What to Expect

You’re excited about having your pictures done. Wether it be a family session, grad, maternity or an individual session welcome.  I’m hoping this post will answer most of your questions.

Q: How do I book a session with you?

A: Through my on-line booking page HERE. This helps me so much as you can just select the session type, then pick your month, date and time. If the link doesn’t work its on my website and facebook page or contact me and I will get it working. 

Q: What session do I need to book?

A: Well I have a few session types:  First one is labelled (Family). Use this session to book everything except Graduation, Weddings, Corporate or Passport.  Grad has 2 types of session. 

Q: What do I get with my session?

A:  What you get with your session is my time and expertise. My time to drive to the location of your choice within town limits and to photograph you and your family.  This also includes my editing time to sit down and make sure all your pictures are beautifully edited for color, density and sharpness. I then edit up an unlimited amount at the photographers discretion. So that might be 20 images or 50 it really depends on how the shoot went, and if I capture no blinking people etc…  I really try to keep the best of the best and delete the rest. 

Q: So there is no photos or digital images offered in your session fee?

A: No. I only offer the edits of your images. From there I place place your beautiful photos into an on-line gallery for you to pick and purchase from. I have no limits on how much, how many, what size,  the type of media you want whether it be printed photos or digital photos. 

Q: I want to come to your studio to pick photos out?

A: Sorry at this time I only offer on-line ordering. You must have a internet connection to order your images from. This has helped me as a photographer to mainstream my work flow. This also gives you the client, time to look over each images and really decide what you want with no sales pressure from me. Also this allow your friends and family far and wide to log in and purchase for themselves. Its great this takes pressure off of you to provide for aunt Marry who lives in Ontario.  She can order for herself and even have prints delivered directly to her door. 

Q: What type of products do you offer?

A: I offer a variety of products on-line through my store such as, Prints done on lustre paper, Metal Art and Canvas. I can offer more items please ask its just not in the store. I would be happy to find a product you need and place it into the store for purchase.

Q: What are your store prices?

A: Please check HERE.  

Q: Can I get Digital Negatives only?

A: You sure can, best part of my store is I don’t limit what you purchase. You can buy all digital images, you can buy prints or a variety of both. I do offer packages to help with this tough decision. 

Q: Do you accept credit card?

A: I sure do, I accept all major credit cards, PayPal which allows you to use your bank account and debit your account if this is a preferred method of payment. These are secure trust payment sites. 

Q: How many people can I add to my session?

A: I allow up to a family of 6 for your session. If your doing a large group then please use the Add-on button and pick the correct amount of people in your party. If larger then 20 people please call me

Q: Do you travel outside of Peace River?

A: I sure do, however I charge for my travel. I feel its fair as there is wear and tear on my vehicle and it helps cover my fuel and travel time as well. 

Q: How can I order prints?

A: You can order them through my on-line store. Its great as these are quality, archival ink and paper done on lustre coated paper. You just pay for the shipping to your home no need to pick up from me?

Q: Why does my prints I had done at a local printers look different then what I saw on my computer?

A: Well, there is lots of reason. #1 being, I edit my images for color, density, sharpness and I have my professional labs color RBG profile so what I see on my computer is what they will see at their lab. #2 Your local printers are usually meant for convenience and an add on service to their real products they offer such as groceries. So they most likely use cheaper products, and will have their own color RBG profile and can over ride my edits and essentially make the images look how they want.  Its hard to understand, just go and walk in Best Buy and look at all the different TV’s and you will notice a difference in Color, Density and Sharpness same is true with printing. It all depends on what the printers value.  That’s why I Do Not guarantee any printing done outside Leah Wood Photography. 

Q: What props do you have for Newborn?

A: only a handful. I don’t focus on props, its just not what I do at this time as I don’t have studio to house or store props. I do natural light, in home photos. I will move your furniture around to find the best light and shoot you and baby in the living room of your home or your bedroom. I focus on the family unit and you in your natural state. You can add props if you want a special outfit or hat to incorporate. Im happy to work that into the shoot. 

Q: Maternity Photos?

A: At the moment I offer 3 maternity dress. I have Red, Blue and White.