Valentine Cards

Happy Valentines Day

I HATE paying for valentines cards for my children because I’m one cheap mama.  Honestly when I get them home they all go into the garbage (recycle) because what the heck would you do with 30 cards a year x 12 years in school x 4 children. That would be 1440 cards in total, that would be a hoarding issue.  So they go straight into the trash bin.  Every year I let my kids pick out their favourite characters and then I design them their cards on the computer.  I also print my own saving myself $20.  I do not give candy either because honestly I’m frugal and kids get way too much candy.   When I was a kid I was happy with just receiving cards from a friend.  Nowadays  kids come home with a bag of loot that looks like Halloween and it’s just a little overwhelming IMOP.  So they just take their cards and they seem happy enough and they never complain so i guess I’m not the worlds worst mother.  So I thought I would share my kids V-day cards and boy oh boy am I glad I have a daughter.  It’s nice to make up some pink cute cards because these boys sure like dark things.  My oldest is taking call of duty zombies,with a snappy catchphrase,  not sure what the girls are going to think. 🙂   Well enjoy and I look forward to seeing your cards.


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