Stop Bullying! Peace River you can make a difference

So school is starting back on September 1st in Peace River.  My kids love school and I’m so happy for them, but there are thousand if not millions of kids who are dreading going back to school.   When I was growing up there was no Anti-bullying programs.  No one to turn to if kids were teasing you.  They use to say its character building and it will make you stronger. That is total B.S.

Kids who bully are most likely born that way or are being trained to bully.  There are tons of resources out there on this topic and why kids do it. I’m so happy that it’s finally come to light and how damaging this can be to other children.  I was bullied when I was a child.  I can remember it starting in kindergarten and following me all the way to high school.  Kids were not nice and down right mean. They did the most unthinkable things you can think of.  I had everything from physical to mental abuse from my classmates.  I cried every day after school and felt not wanted or needed.  I was taller than my classmates I’m 6’1″ and I towered over the other children so I was different. I also had short curly hair and kids love to pick out differences in others. It was not until my high school year that I finally started to stand up for my self and would not let others walk all over me.  I’m a changed person from all those incidents.  I’ve talked to my children about bullying.  I also teach them how to help others who are getting bullied.  So please if you are reading this could you do one thing this year for me when you go to school be nice to your peers you have no idea what they are going through. If you see abuse mental or physical you can stop it by telling someone.  Parents please talk to your children how bullying can damage others.
I feel the need to give away one of my new Social Butterfly session to anyone under the age of 18 and who is attending school. I know this will give these kids a boost in their confindents and help make a differences .  Please go to my Facebook page you can find the button on the left side of this page. Go under this post and comment how you want to  help stop bullying, then share this link with others so they can help others to stop bullying. This will automatically enter you into my draw.  Some condition apply.  Parents you can enter your children into this draw as well.

Love and Light


Image from a Social Butterfly Session

Social Butterfly Session

Must be under 18 years. 30min photo session will come with all your images (WEBSIZED ONLY ASK FOR DETAILS ONLY 20 WILL BE GIVEN). There will be no printing rights for them. Up to 3 friends and additional friends will be $25 each. Price is $75 and any prints must be purchased at my regular prices.
This package is great for kids who want to have Facebook memories of them and their friends.

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