Remember Peace River’s Old Hospital

I was born in the green hospital in the south end of Peace River now long gone.  I’m  feeling very sentimental lately and thought I would drag this picture up. I really wish I had capture this hospital in its heyday and not after it was closed  and over run with weeds.

When I was a child we lived directly above the hospital 2 hills up  by the old forestry.  When I was a little I would lay in bed with my window open and watch my curtains  flap from the summer’s breeze. I could feel the heat of the sun rushing in and filling my room.  I could smell fresh cut grass and hear lawn mowers in the distance.  There was a gentle hum lingered in the  air from the  hospital cooling and heating system.  I would lay there feeling fuzzy with sleep listening to the sound of the motors working hard to keeps it’s patients comfortable.  It’s funny you don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone one day.

I still live in the south end with my own family now and every summer we would  walk past this hospital and would  feel sadden that my own children where not born there.  My 2 oldest kids at the time where with me the day I shot this back in 2005.  Noah was only 2 and Colby was a baby, I thought I need to capture this moment so one day I could show them where their mother was born and help persever a piece of Peace River’s history.

The hospital is now long gone and the only thing left is a pile of rubble. I’m excited to see what will this land will become and I hope whoever owns it will keep the park that is near it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Leah

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