I’m back from holidays, life and reno’s.   Im so ashamed that I have not done a blog post in over 2 months.  So sorry to everyone who follows me.  As most of you know I moved my studio from down town Peace River back into my home to be closer to my family.  If you read back a couple of months ago you will know that I moved my studio due to my husband’s health.   I needed to be here for him and my children while we figured out what was wrong.

He became very ill in February and with multiple trips to the ER and Doctors appointments we have now figured out what is wrong with him.  This was not an easy road and it took lots of difficult appointments with our family Doctor .   He had multiple symptoms from swollen joins to extreme bouts of fatigue.  The poor guy was sleeping 19 hours a day coming up for food and water.  I’ve been very open with my clients with what has been going on in my life, and feel that I must share what has happened in the past 2 months.

On August 10, 2011 we finally got into to see the specialist of Endocrinology  they deal with hormones in your body.    Dunstan was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour.   This may sound weird be we are relieved to finally have a diagnosis even if it is a tumour.  The tumour is so small that they cannot see it on the MRI and this is very common for this type of tumours. So he will be on medications that will shrink it and eventually get rid of it all together.  I was told if you were going to have a tumour this is the best form to have as they are usually benign.  So over the next 5 years we are told he will be on this medication and it will eventually go away. Ya for us!!!  Please if you feel something is wrong with you or a loved one please be persistent with your Doctor if you feel they are wrong.  It has taken 6 months to get this diagnosis and at one point they wanted to medicate him for depression. I knew in my heart he was not depressed so stay on top of your health because no body knows you or your family members like you.

It has been a roller coaster ride this past year with me having 2 surgeries and now my husband.   I was very sad to see my down town location closed after 2.5 years but very excited to be back home and not have to do so much running between store and home.  There are a few changes to my business and I will list them here: I no longer have a debit machine, I only accept cash and cheque, I can only accommodate a family of 4 in my studio, I’ve reduced my session fees to $125 and reduced a little bit of my print prices since I no longer have  overhead fees to pay,  we will be meeting at my home for consults and to view images and I can’t wait for all you guys to see the new studio. I’m so close to being done my studio and will have a grand opening some time in September please keep your eyes peeled for some awesome specials.

Well, thank you once again for reading about me and my life.

Light and Love

Leah Wood

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