Raw Essentials Handmade Soap

My sister in law Gaerwen makes this wonderful handmade soap.  It smells so yummy so much that you could eat it.  Matter of fact while on a visit to her home my daughter grabbed a chunk of it and took a bite thinking it was fudge.  What was even funnier was Declynn went to Gaerwen and told her that her food was yucky. lol    Well that night we ended up a with a grab bag with that particular bar of soap because it had teeth marks in them.

I made a trip to High Prairie for my son’s hockey game and afterwards we went to visit Gaerwen at the local farmers market at Enilda and I purchased some soap.  I loved they way they smelled.  Wish I could make this post a scratch and sniff because it such a wonderful smell.  It would remind you of christmas.

Here is her Facebook page if you are interested purchasing some.  Click this link HERE


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