Plastic People

I see so much photography lately with skin smoothing techniques.  These tools were developed to reduce noise and blemishes.  The tool is called Blur or if you are rich enough you could have purchased a program to do this for you. When the blur is misused it leads to plastic looking people.

Professional photographers run the blur on at low opacity just to clean up noise and any inconsistency.  You can’t tell they did it that’s what makes their images so great. Newby  photographers that are just starting out are over using this tool.  They don’t take the time to get the blur off of their clients eyes, nose, hair, eyebrows, lips and any major details on the face.  If you do not take the time to properly use the blur tool then you end up making plastic people.  They don’t look real, much more like  Ken and Barbie.  Now me personally I don’t want to look like a cheap toy I want to look my best but real.  I did a before and after, the before I did nothing to the after shows the blur tool and how it was over used.

I’m very guilty too of over using this tool when I started out.  I remember thinking how cool it was that I could make people’s wrinkles disappear.  Looking back I kind of wish someone would have told me that it’s not that desirable. I hardly use it anymore, unless I’m shooting boudoir where you kinda wanna look plastic.

I can’t wait until we look back 50 years from now at our photography and we are going to be looking at pictures of plastic people. Some food for thought.


Love and Light Leah

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