Peace River Pat’s Creek – Nature Walk

x Can you believe I’ve lived in Peace River 31 year and have never ever walked Pat’s Creek. Tonight was turn  with 7 kids, 4 adults and 1 dog we set out on a nice summers eve walk.  When I got home I ran to my computer to find out more history on Pat’s Creek. It was named after Patrick Wesles and is chalked  full of history.  It’s located North of town past the clover leafs.  It was once the main high way into Peace River.  I rang my dad tonight to ask him when Pat’s Creek was closed and he said 1966 sticks in his head.  I went onto Record Gazette to read a story of a Truck that got away and nearly burnt down the town.  It took out 12 stores and amazingly did not hurt anyone.   If you would like to read the article please find it HERE.

Thought I would share some pictures of our evening walk, Enjoy.



He hates having his picture taken and was running away from me. lol

Look at my stick mum

Gracie Girl

Please no more pictures


Look mum the MOON.....

Boy and his dog

Pondering, I had nothing to do with this picture.

He loves his Gracie Girl

Gate to Pat's Creek located North of town.

Gracie ready for her run

Nice paths

Dunstan inspecting willow chewed up by bears or moose

Sticks are so much fun.



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