Oil Patch

My husband works in the oil patch or as us Alberta folk call it the Bush.   Yes it’s called working in the bush, 2 years ago when I was at a photography conference one of the women from the U.S asked me ” What does working in the Bush mean?”

I was taken back and thought everyone knew what that meant, but I guess that is Alberta Slang.  It means he works out in the bush most likely for an oil company and their offices are far out in the bush.  These wells, plants or rigs are usually in the middle of no where so we call it the bush. lol

My husband has worked in the oil industry for the past 12 years and these pictures were done in 2008.  We were at his company summer gathering at a golf course and he got a call out. That means something went wrong and he had to go and check on his wells.   I was with him at the party and I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th child and not having the best time. Being 8 months pregnant I did not want  to walk around a golf course, so  I decided I wanted to come with him and take some pictures.  I had such a better time taking his pictures in his work environment then at the party.

I think it’s so important to capture these images for my kids so one day they will know what type of work he did.  I hope you all enjoy this post.

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