New Service being offered | Custom Photo Books & Cards from your own personal images

Do you have hundreds if not thousands of images on your computer.  Is it taking up precious space.  Have you not printed anything in the past 5 years that you can touch and feel.  Do you leave your images on your memory sticks, cards or computer. If you answered yes to any of those question well, I think you and 80% of the population have something in common. When the digital age hit we stopped printing our beloved family photo’s.  Instead we only share them on Facebook or our personal websites anymore.  This is a real shame that we are not keeping the tradition of printing alive.  I know for a fact that your Grand Mother would much prefer to sit at your couch with some tea to go over your family pictures.

What happens if your Hard Drive fails, or you lose your memory sticks, or your camera becomes stolen with all your family pictures on them.  It would be terrible but it  happens more than you realize.  My husband 2 years ago lost everything on his work computer when the hard drive failed.  Thank Goodness I had the images backup but ever thing else that was not was gone.  This is a sad realty for lots of people.

In the past year I’ve been asked by lots of my own clients if I would create them custom photo books with their own family pictures because they don’t have the time or no how to deal with their images.

What I can do for you is build you wonderful family albums or cards.  My will be charging $15 an hour to build your family album.  I will then send them out to be printed into a photo album.  These albums are very nice and very reasonable starting costs from $15 and ranging up to $125. You pay for the book and shipping and I charge you for my time only to build the book.


1. How will you get me your pictures?  You will delivery your images to me on a disc, memory stick, or bring in your laptop and I will transfer them over to my external hard drive.

2. How long will it take you to build an album?  It really depends on the amount of images to bring me.

3. What will my album look like when it’s done? It will be nice and simple.  I’m not scrap booker I’m an album designer with  clean fresh pages.  Using either white or black for the page colors and just your images.  I will place anywhere from      1-9 pictures per page.

4. How many pages can you put in an album?  Lots is that an answer. lol  You can have up to 440 in one book.

5. Will you color and exposure correct my images? No but I can for an extra fee

6. Can I add text to my page? Yes for an additional fee

7. How long will it take to get my album printed? It will take 10 days minimum than factor in shipping and picking up time.

8. Can you do custom layouts like a scrape booker pages?  Yes at an additional fee

9. If I want to order more than 1 do I have to pay your creative fee again? No but I will add-on a small additional fee to order each book. These prices will be minimal.

10. How do I pay for the album? I accept cash or cheque.


Here is a simple white page layout. The black lines will not be around the final print


Custom Cards

I will also be making up holiday cards, announcement, graduation, wedding, birthday invites for people from their own personal images.  You will be able to select from a pre-made template for $10 or have me build one from scratch starting at $20.  You will then be able to take these templates and have them printed at your store of choice.



Here is a birth announcement that is a pre-made template. Black lines will not be in final product.


Special Offer:  First person to respond to this ad will get their photo book built for free.  I will not charge anything for my time.  Please contact me for more details.

Thank You
Leah Wood



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