Natural Herbicide you can use around children | Peace River Photographer

Ok, so I was on Facebook the other day and one of my clients posted this very cool all natural herbicide to kill dandelions.  So safe my kids can even help.  I was so excited because I hate using bad chemicals around my family.  So I followed her directions and sure enough it did the job.  I would not have believed it unless I took a before and after picture of course. lol



How to make Natural Weed Killer

1 Jug of Vinegar

1 Cup of Salt

Squirt of Dish Soap


That’s it,  now it’s non selective so if you want to grow something in the dirt after she said to use just the vinegar if you don’t care and want them dead use the salt.  I guess the salt sterilize the soil but I don’t care I just want something that’s not harmful to my family.  Now you have a fun way of killing your weeds.

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