My Baby is 18 months- Peace River Photographer

Wow, my baby is 18 months old. Where does time go, it gets eaten up in all those little moments.  I took him down to the studio back in March and thought I would give it a whirl, because as a photographers kid they do not like having their pictures taken. Trust me on this. By the end of their session, my voice is shot and I’m sweating like a pig trying to get him to look my way and give me 1 good smile all while trying to keep calm.  So some background history on Cody, he is not a overally smily baby, since the day he was born, as it shows in most of these pictures. I also wanted to get a picture of his hair because dad make me cut his hair. So no more wings for my baby Cody.

Well I wrapped up shooting pictures of him and the big kids wanted to join in so what the heck. Why Not!  But please do not mind my Daughter Declynn hair, because she does not keep her ponys in. She always rips them out and so this is what I’m left with mess hair. Oh well what can you do about that. Nothing!!!

Please enjoy the pictures, and feel free to comment on them.



cody18months21c copy



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