Medication & a Good Laugh

So today I picked up my husband medication and boy oh boy it’s not cheap stuff.  I received 4 small and when I say small I mean smmmmalllll pills. The cost would have been $90 but with our drug plan it’s only $9.  Thank You God for Drug plans, because I worked out the cost per pill and it’s $22.50. Thank Goodness we only have to take 1 a week.

While at Wal-Mart talking with Tony Nickonchuk the pharmacist about Dunstan’s 7 page information leaflet we came across something that started both of us.   While reading the Caution Section on page one there was your standard THIS MEDICINE MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS,  LIGHT HEADEDNESS OR FAINTING. But the one that caught our attention was SOME PATIENTS TAKING THIS MEDICINE HAVE DEVELOPED CERTAIN BEHAVIORAL CHANGES.  Well, what kind of behavioral changes could there be with such a drug.  We were told while Dunstan was on his testosterone gel he might get aggressive.  OK… I’m thinking the same thing with these meds.   Nope not even close not by a long shot.  This medicine May cause INCREASED GAMBLING OR SEXUAL URGES.  Yep you heard me right, they are telling me my non gambling husband may change his habits and start hitting the VLT’s. lol   Really how does the second one differ from any man. I can handle the other behavioral change any wife can but GAMBLING.  Who figures this stuff out, I don’t know but I just had to share this story with you.  I mean really Gambling.  Well I hope he starts taking up the Lotto Max and wins us $40,000 million dollars, that would be sweet.

I want to give a shout out to Tony Nickonchuk

Tony is such a awesome person and he makes me laugh every time I visit him at the pharmacy. I truly feel he cares about all his clients and he gives such compassionate care. That said all the pharmacy staff that work there give the same level of care. So a round of applauses please for Wal-Mart pharmacy.



P.S – of course I took some pictures you may notice that in middle picture it shows a dime.  Yes all 4 of those little pills can fit on the dime.
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