The Doctors say Laughter is the best medicine and well I got a full dose this evening while trying to do my own passport photo’s.  I’ve been up since 5am and worked a hard 9 hours today shooting photos then came home to cook supper and clean.   I forgot I needed to get my passport photo done  this evening so I spend the next 2 hours filling out forms for my family and I.   My husband  set up the make shift studio in our basement  and we head down to take our pictures. I got his photo taken in 2 shots and well lets just say mine took 15 minutes.  I can’t help that I got  the giggles.  If you don’t already know this but you need to look like a terrorist in your passport photo’s, so laughing and funny faces are SO NOT ALLOWED.    I try my HARDEST to keep a straight face. Honest!  But with lots of laughter,  tears start to  roll down my cheeks and a not so impressed husband is holding back his foul thoughts he would like to call me.  My hubby as well worked a 12 hour day and is super-duper tired.  He told me if I don’t hurry up and stop smiling he was going to make my 11-year-old take my picture.  So finally, I muster every dirty thought in my head that would help me NOT to smile and the only thing I can come up with is cleaning dog poop in the back year. Yuck… it does the trick and I’m rewarded with my grim photo and now a husband  who is in dream land.

Signing off – Leah Giggle Pants Wood


FYI… This is only 2 of the silly photo’s and my passport photo

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