Into the Wild | Peace River Landscape, Wildlife Photographer

If you have not noticed from previous post I’m a hunter woman…. lol     If your new to my blog I’m a hunter. We spend our weekends out in the wilderness trying to fill our deep freeze with Deer, Moose or Elk.  Mean while I drag my camera a long capturing the wildlife I encounter. I give Kudos to any wildlife photographer because it’s not an easy task.  You can’t just ask them to stand still and pose.  They usually spook and take off, because after all they are wild animals.  But some times I get  lucky and a few don’t care I’m there and allow me to photograph them.  This weekend I captured a Mule Deer Doe,  a ruffed  grouse and a family of Mule Deers this mama had 3 babies lucky girl .   I hope you enjoy the pictures.




This pictures is  the Peace River, look how blue that water is.  Gorgeous!


Can You Spot the bird


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