Halloween Spectacular-Food Drive a Success

Thank you to Everyone who stop in to help make this food drive a success. I’m happy to report that I was able to fill the Salvation Army Food Box and it was a very large box. I also made $65 in cash for people who where not able to donate food. I would like to thank everyone who stop in to help make our community a better place to be without people like you are town would not be the same.  I  had lots of call about when you can pick those cute pictures up of the ghosts and goblins and that is next week on November 10 at KIT OFFICE PLUS. They were kind enough to help me out for pick ups.   So please stop in mention your name and they will give you your images. If ever there is a problem please bring this to my attention not Kit Office as they no nothing about the pictures.

Now I have some images from that day. Please check them out and leave lots of comment on my blog if you think these guys were cute. Thanks Leah

My family


Cody my Youngest Son


Declynn my daughter in her really big princess dress!


Noah my oldest Son


Colby my middle son


Tammy my best friend who help set up and helped me all day. Thank you Tammy


Cute Chicken


Cute Flower


This out fit is so cute on her


I love this babies out fit he was a penguin. Too cute!


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