Full, Full Moon

I read this article about the moon HERE.  Apparently the moon last night was closer to earth than normal so it of course looked bigger as well.  This has not happened for 20 years so I was pretty excited to go out last night and take some shots.  I brought my 8 year old son Noah to join me and help as an assitant.  He lasted hmmm about 3 minutes before he retreated to the warmth of the Car.  I was shooting for about 45minutes outside of Peace River at an area called 6′ foot taking moon shots.  If you are not from Peace River we live in a valley right beside a river, so we were on a hillside taking pictures.  Noah and I decide it would be fun to go to a popular look out area called 12′ Davis grave Site to capture some night shots of Peace River.

We drove to the top of the hill, parked and got my gear out.  I should have took a picture of the snow we had to cross to get to the area we wanted to be at.  It was all the snow shovelled off the road and it was about 3 feet high.  So me with my camera and lenses and my son carrying my tripod we started to climb this mountain of snow.  It was hard pack and very crunchy.  I was half way across when I broke through. lol  I mean really broke through. I was not in ski pants just snow boots.  If you have never met me well I’m 6′ 1″ tall and there I stood one leg burried up to my thigh and the other leg to the knee.  It was so cold and I was laughing so hard I could not get out.  I had to yell at Noah to put down the tripod and grab my camera. Then I slowly crawled out of all this deep snow.   While crawling out my 8 year old 60lbs kid looking down at me asked ” Why did you break through the snow mom.”  ” Well”  I anwered  ” I aint no 60lbs hun”  He thought it was funny.  So we get to were we are going ontop of the hill that over looks Peace River and we take a total of 10 shots because we were freezing. Then head back to the car. This time I walked very slowly across the hard pack making sure I do not fall through.  When I got home I inspected my leg and I had snow burn thats were all the hard pack snow scratches your leg. Yep not too smart I tell ya!

So please enjoy all the pictures we froze our butts off trying to capture.


undefinedMoon shot with 70-200mm lens then cropped in at well over 100%.  I do not have a 600mm telephoto lens so you have to crop if you want to see it big.

undefinedThis is a night scape picture, lit by the moon. Cool hey!


undefinedPeace River at night, I will try my hand at a better picture one day I was just too cold to care. You can see my shadow to the right and my son Noah’s as well.

Moon scape picture taken on the hill above the town
  • March 22, 2011 - 10:44 AM

    Michelle Stieb - Hey Leah, Awesome job on the second last one! I love it!

  • March 23, 2011 - 1:27 PM

    admin - Thanks Michelle your comments are appreciated.

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