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So I’m finally blogging about my  California vacation.   Please keep checking back I will be posting more stories and pictures.

My husband and I were planning the family vacation.  We were planning on going to B.C and the island.  But last minute while on the phone with my husband who is away at work he decides he wants to go to California.

We sat on the phone for many hours discussing details and finally decided to drop the BC trip and go for a  last minute drive to Disney Land.   This coming from a husband who HATES city driving. A man while driving in Edmonton gets fed up after only 2 hours, and a man who HATES larges crows of people wants to go to California. I figure if he is willing we better get going.  So I threw my maps for BC out the window and got busy planning our Disney  vacation.  Deep down I was squealing with delight.  I’ve always wanted to go to Disney Land as a child but we could never afford it.  Now here I sit planning this cool vacation for my family.

I broke the exciting news  to my children.  If you do not know me already I have 4 kids they were ages  7, 6, 3 & 1 last summer.   I knew the little ones would not care where we were going but I thought maybe the bigger kids would be excited. So I asked them.  ” Noah (my oldest) you knew we were going to BC what do you think about going to Disney Land instead.”    He replied ” Ummm what’s that about.”  lol  Yes I kid you not.  So I go to their website and show him and his younger brother Colby.  They said to me ” I was hoping to go to BC.”  lol   “Umm are you kidding me, you want to go to Vancouver.”  I show them how much fun we are going to have at Disney Land on the rides and finally they cave and said ” All right then lets go.”  Not the reaction I was hoping for.

We set off on our family vacation on July 21, 2010, right after my husband gets home from night shift.  Yep you heard me correct he gets home and we pack up and leave. I really expected him to sleep more in the car while driving but nope.  He was wide awake. Oops sorry hun.  We make it to Edmonton spent a night get up and drive to Calgary the next day because we had to go shopping for clothes, we were having a family photo session with a photographer there. I was so excited to have our very own pictures done.

While shopping we stopped into the new Brass Pro Store more like Kingdom of goodness.  This baby is huge, it’s larger then life.  Here is the pictures I took while in this store.



Brass Pro Store in Calgary




Huge Fish Tank that the kids loved


I figure Peace River could use a store like this because we can go hang there when there is nothing else to do.  They have live fish, a cool old fashion air gun range and lots of room to run.  Yep, I vote Peace River to get one of these bad boys.

We also stopped here to purchase ourselves a Garmin GPS.  That is the Cat’s Meow!!! Everyone in their Dog should get one if you are in a big city and need help.  See, I’m not a map reader I’m a driver.  So I can drive and my husband reads the map.  It works great until you get into all these little streets  that are not updated on your conventional map.  Then there is usually swears involved and the map flies out the window. I experienced this first hand, good thing we did not have to pay for a litter ticket.  So this Garmin is a life saver. A must have for anyone who wants to get around a city fast without having to think about it.  What my husband loved the most was that you can customize the vehicle in the GPS.  He of course picked a blue truck with big wheels. Men are so easily amused.  What I loved is that when you are in the U.S we all know that they use MPH and we use KM it converts the speed for you.  It actually tells you your MPH very neat stuff.  It also tells you the speed zones which is awesome if you are not familiar with US driving.  Some other neat features are,  elevation, time until destination, turning assist, restaurant finder, points of interested finder and a brain that can remember address you were at plus so much more. Go out and spend the $125 bucks and drive knowing you will not be totally lost.  Well, its late in Leah land so I’m signing off tonight and will post more tomorrow.


Garmin GPS



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