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May Long is here and so is gardening season.  Word to the wise always plant after the may long and watch the weather report, because we do live in Norther Alberta and the weather can change on a dime.  Yesterday I was shopping for a timer for my garden hose and over heard a gentlemen talking to another at Wal-Mart that he lost $1000 worth of bedding plants to the frost.  Yikes!!!  I had to join into the conversation and ask him if he knew the rule of not planting until after may long.  He said he never heard of it before but I guess next year he will know better.  I feel bad for him…

Keeping with the garden theme I drove out to Fern’s Green house by Girouville to select some plants.  This is one of my kids favourite places to go in the summer.  The smell of fresh flowers overwhelms you when you walk in the door and we always save the best for last the  Fountain display.  This year we were a little early to see them apparently their last shipment all got broken on the truck and had to go back.  So next trip out I cannot wait to see them all.  The children, my mom and I all spent a wonderful evening picking the plants we want to purchase to put into our garden this year.  I on the other hand took pictures of the plants I thought were neat and interesting.  So many pretty plants so little garden space.

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