Editing can be a daunting task, and it can even be worse if you start off with a bad picture.  My motto is get it right first in my camera and do small touch-up’s after.  When I first started in photography 7 years ago I would take a picture and if it was under exposed I would try to fix it in photoshop.  It use to take me 8 hours to edit my images.  I think I lived attached to my computer trying to fix my mistakes with my photography.  Then one day I read an article that says ” You should start off with a properly exposed images first then editing will only take minutes later”.   That was the day I decided I had to better my photography so I could spend minutes instead of hours.  I knew if I was going to do this as a business I would never make money if I had to spend 8 hours on 20 images.  So I set out to take better pictures and expose my images properly.  It now only takes me five minutes to edit an image to my taste instead of 30 minutes.  I’m not saying I know everything and I still have so much to learn, but what I’m saying is if it’s right when you start you will only spend minutes not hours on your images.  Photoshop is a tool to enhance an image you should not be trying to correct major issues.

What I did to my image

  1. Healed all blemishes
  2. Curves
  3. Add a filtre color
  4. Enhanced the eyes
  5. Added an overlay
  6. Sharpen for web


*** SOOC – Straight Out Of Camera,  means no edits or correction were done to the image.

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