Adventures of Bread Making….

So I’ve been on a bread making kick lately.  My kids love home-made bread more than Chocolate. I know weird right!!!   So I figured I would take pictures of my bread making while doing it the other night. Enjoy!!!

Waiting for the yeast to activate

Close Up Shot

Dough starting to take shape 1 Cup of flour at a time

Here it is with my cup of flour

My dough is done and Im going to let it rise so I added oil on top of it so it does not dry out. I then smear it on top of it.

I add seran wrap to cover it so it does not dry out

I then cover it on with a dish towel and placed into on top of the stove in a nice warm place. My oven is warming up to 350C

After an hour my dough has risen

Took out my bread pans now I need to add butter to them

My butter dish

Buttered pans ready for my shaped dough

I took out my dough and now I need to punch it down

I cut it up into equal parts so i can shape them and get it ready for their pans

Here it is 2 loafs of bread and 5 buns

Letting it rise again in their pans for an hour

Done here is the final results

My oven is nice and hot and ready for my bread

The buns were done earlier then my loafs they look yummy

Yummy buns

and voila there you have it.  My nice golden bread ready for my kids to eat it.

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